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Get your own online contact form!

Publishing your email address on the internet is a guaranteed way of attracting a lot of spam.

Get your own, free ssMail::ContactMe form with its own unique web address! You can safely link to it from anywhere where you want people to get in touch with you directly - but without giving out your actual email address.

You'll also find that you get a better response through an online form rather than through a 'mailto:' link.

See what one of our online contact forms looks like.

First Step! Tell us about your requirements.

Before we can give you your own contact form, we need to know that you have a genuine and legitimate use for such a form. Please use our contact form to tell us about why you need a form and to what use it will be put. If you don't get a reply within a week then we have decided not to offer you a contact form.

This free service is greatly valued by many individuals, businesses and charities. We reserve the right to decline any application or remove any ssMail::ContactMe page which we feel is compromising the integrity of the service.

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